What is the NMS community and what makes it good?

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With the rising popularity of No Mans Sky, I have decided I would like to write about the community and the news going down on the often. So, for my first article, why not write about the community as a whole?


The community has always grabbed my attention for being one of the most diverse and exciting communities a game has to offer. This is why I have decided to start writing about the community, hoping to get more people interested. But what makes it interesting? Well, the game alone is pretty amazing, but a lot of it has to do with the community and the governments formed by the players. This allows for people to build their own platforms to express themselves on. One of the prime examples of a government would be The Federation, housing over 30+ civilizations each with at least one member. Most house more, such as HOVA, a galactic army which has over 10+ members.

Or you could be a group of peaceful farmers as demonstrated by the Galactic Agriculture Society. They are one of the most peaceful civilizations, helping when people need it.I


That is a lot of people. But let’s say the Government is not your thing. You could join a large link of connections called “The Underworld.” The Underworld is everything Anti-Government and focuses on the idea of everything Space Pirates and Terrorists. Some prime examples of some underworld communities would be a group that goes by the name ATC. The Anomaly Trading Company, a group focused on big business and power. But let’s say big business is not your type of Jazz. You could join the Aviszar Cartel, a group focused on the life of mobsters searching for loyalty and riches, both in Units and Knowledge.

There was recently a war between The Cartel and the ATC, but was soon ended, there was even a duel set up between two titans. No Mans Hustler and 3131N, both very big in the NMS community. Hustler runs the ATC while 3131N runs Blackford, the supposed largest spy group in the game focused on doing what they like. They were in the Federation until they were kicked for being exposed for working with a person named Tempest, an intergalactic terrorist known at the time for creating the very famous “Blackhand.” A terrorist group aimed at taking down who they felt like.


Edit: They also spammed the Reddit page for the Federation, causing some annoyance.

As you can see, the community is very diverse and rich, with lore being pored out every day with many chances to jump in or stay out of problems or adventures! And after all, if you don’t like what there is to offer, you can create your own Civilization or group aimed at what you want as a player. And with recent updates from Hello Games and the addition of the Galactic Hub Sticker, the way the game seems to be heading is more community which is one of the reasons No Mans Sky is such a great game.

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