The No Mans Sky community Biggest Accomplishments (What I think)

With my last Article getting much support and attention on Reddit and the internet, I thought it would only be fitting to continue. Thank you all for your support. I am glad I have given legitimacy and attention to some smaller, yet important parts of what makes this community lively in my opinion.


Unification day is one of the biggest parts of this community, bringing many people together to one planet to celebrate a NMS holiday. This holiday was formed after an in-game message spoke of this “gathering.” Players decide it would only be fitting to create this holiday in the game and celebrate as a community. This was a huge success, gaining hundreds of supporters.

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As seen by this image, hundreds of people visited, leaving their messages for hundreds of others to read.

Unfortunately, there where trolls who tried to stop this event by crashing the party, but those people failed.


Some would disagree with this opinion, but I feel as though the creation of the Underworld added so much depth in the community. Depth already existed in many forms, such as Unification day as I talked about. But there was never truly a place for people to thrive as pirates, thieves, and mercenaries until a few months ago when a group of people created the Underworld.


The Underworld has been home to some of the biggest spy missions in the history of the game, some of the biggest robberies, and home to people of all sort, from loyal to crazy. I feel as though the Underworld as its called is one of the reasons this game is so in depth. It has been the cause of mass revolutions and new ways of thinking in the community. This is a list of some of the interesting things to come from this side of the community:

  • The “motherboard”, a large entity of Information and security was created to take down threats that opposed its creators, those creator being Biggestnerdhere22 and a mystery man that went by the name Solthief. It worked well, taking down whats said to be 2 entire civilizations. As of recently, the entire motherboard was shut down and kept secret for security, but as most can guess, it caused massive discussion and controversy.
  • The creation of the Galactic Underground was another small, yet important part. Created by Galactic Glory, a famous pirate and thief, it was the home to almost all pirates, thieves, spy’s, and every one of the sort. It almost worked as the hub for everything evil and secret. This brought many together, but also caused trouble for everyone inside and everyone outside. It still holds up to this day and a cool achievement.
  • The Blackstar Alliance, created by Lokar, is another prime example of what the community can do when they join forces. It did not last too long after a disagreement took place between leaders, it fell apart and sparked the creation of the Galactic Underground. It still holds a high place in my heart, as it shows what one and other can do in the underworld when disagreements take place. Many large leaders with there own morals and philosophy crammed into a single place for the common goal of power. It shows that together, they can achieve something and those who still wanted it moved on to create something more successful and prosperous.
  • Here is a list of some of the most important people in the history of the underworld: Tempest416, The Godfather, Lokar, Galactic Glory, the_spyder, Solthief, Lord Varek, StalinD734, Nexeon, Biggestnerdhere22, NoMansHustler, and much much more.

This has to be one of the most important parts in all of the history of the game, getting thousands of people to join and participate in creating their own civilizations or joining one, with the first post being made a little over a year ago. This has been the cause of some of the biggest civilizations in the history of the game, all being founded by a man named 7101334.


They helped with many large events, and truly is the shining example of what its like to be a community.

Here is a list of some of the most important people:


Truly, all these people are strong leaders, making sure to stay on the side of good and they make sure to fight for whats right. They are a shining example of what its like to be heroes and a chaotic, un-biased universe. They have made a community where anyone can join, and anyone can enjoy.

Here are some of the Accomplishments they have made:

  • 7101334, the leader made a full-fledged Pachinko Machine and had an article written about him. This is a prime example of creativity and exploration of idea and tools.
  • The destruction of Blackhand. This was a group combination of Hova, Jatriwil, and the community to figure out who was leading it and how to defeat them. It was truly an epic moment when we saw the community get together to participate in a war against one of the largest Pirate groups ever created.
  • The Galactic Hub Sticker being implemented in the actual game was also another huge achievement that was reached. I have hinted at it many times, but it just shows when you have an amazing community, anything can happen.

As you can see, these are just some of the examples of the achievements made by the NMS community. Many smaller examples can be pointed out of great achievement and accomplishments, but these are the ones I find to be the most awesome and creative. Truly, the NMS community has taken the number one place of my favorite community to be in because of the sheer amount of focus on the people, and with Hellogames realizing that they have a thriving community, who knows whats in store!

Sorry once again for those who are annoyed with the “Underworld talk”. I just want to try to get some publicity on them as an Official Writer. I find it fitting for them to get some levels of respect for there contribution to the community.


Also, my apologies for some slight grammar issues in the last article. Should be fixed in this one hopefully.


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